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Invisible setting is the technique that is used here. Each stone is chiseled into a groove, and then placed in a metal base. The stones are so close together that the metal base is not visible. The procedure is difficult but can be done by an experienced artisan, especially when it comes to the setting of the bracelet and case. This is not possible with the dial. Omega Replica Watches had to change the technique of setting. The dial was to be fixed first on a transparent plate. A silver-based alloy is then poured on top of the structure. The ally oozes out into the smallest gaps between stones,Omega Replica Watches cools and then solidifies. The transparent plate is then removed, and the structure fitted onto the white gold dial. Voila! The invisible set watch with sapphires and diamonds has been completed.

The Linear Hand-Wound CO 113 is the Driving ForceAfter reading the lengthy story about the precious stone used in Omega Replica Watches's two newcomers let's focus on the watchmaking aspects of them. Both watches feature the manually-wound mechanical Caliber CO 113, which was first introduced in Miss Golden Bridge's basic version three years ago. Both the men's and the women's watches in the Golden Bridge collection are equipped with the high-end baguette movements (derived from the first calibers of this type that the Swiss manufacturer introduced 33 years ago). The linear architecture movement was selected as it is suitable for both the men's and the women's watches. Both watches are housed in a tonneau shaped case. Golden Bridge has a slightly larger case with a 35 mm width and 58.2 mm length.

Caliber CO-113 is extremely precise, and is lengthened by its crown at the 6 o'clock unusual position. The mechanism is protected from overexertion by an innovative slipping spring winding system. It also has a coupling clasp that separates the winding and setting functions. The manually wound caliber, made by La Chaux-de-Fonds' watchmaker in-house, also features a variable-inertia equilibrium and two bridge columns.Omega Seamaster Replica The 19-jewel movement has a running frequency of 4Hz and a 40-hour power reserve. The watch is not only a technical wonder, but also an aesthetically stunning piece. The upper bridge is made of 18 K gold and engraved with Omega Replica Watches's logo. It also features stylized images of three plants that are native to the region from which Omega Replica Watches originated. Omega Replica Watches integrated sapphires crystals into the case's front, back, and both sides to maximize the exposure of the movement.